Pet health plans include flea and worm treatments and also annual vaccinations. We have budget-friendly basic plans and premium plans with extra savings and VIP benefits. These plans help to budget for all the routine needs for your pets as well as being convenient and saving you money.

We are now able to offer a delivery service with our pet health care plans! This is available now to new sign ups and anyone who is already a part of our health plan can upgrade. If you would like to upgrade just give us a call or email us on to let us know.

Once you are signed up your worm and flea treatments will arrive on your doorstep every 3 months. This means you don’t have to remember to order and collect them from us. We hope this will make life easier for those with busy lives. The delivery option costs just £2 per month on top of your normal premium.

To sign up to the plans with us either follow the link below or ring us on 01452 529480.