Taking your pet abroad after brexit :


The government have announced the plan for changes to pet travel from 1st January 2021. Below we have tried to summarise these changes but if anything is unclear please ring the practice on 01452 529480 and ask to speak to one of the vets who deal with pet travel.


  • If traveling with a dog, cat or ferret to the EU you will need an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) for every trip you make.
  • You can travel with up to 5 pets for non commercial purposes (holidays etc)
  • The AHC is valid for entry to the EU for up to 10 days, ie you cannot get it earlier than 10 days before you will be entering the EU.
  • These are dual language certificates so you will need to tell us what country you are entering the EU so we can provide the correct certificate.
  • Your pet must have a microchip
  • Your pet must have had a rabies vaccination and at least 21 days must have elapsed after this vaccination before you enter the EU with your pet.
  • Your pet must have been over 12 weeks old before receiving this rabies vaccination.
  • As we are a ‘part 2 listed country’ your pet will NOT need to have a blood test to check the rabies antibody level (unless your pet is traveling through an unlisted country en route to the EU).
  • Each AHC will be valid for 4 months after entry to the EU for onward travel and re-entry to Great Britain.
  • The vets will need to speak to you in advance of obtaining an AHC so we can obtain the correct one and discuss what you will need to bring to an appointment with us so we can fill out and certify the the certificate.
  • For dogs only, Great Britain still requires you to visit a vet 24-120 hours (1-5 days) before re-entry to GB to have tapeworm treatment given to your dog. The vet will need to fill out a section of your AHC.
  • If you are traveling to Ireland, Malta or Finland from GB, your dog will need a vet administered tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before entering these countries.
  • These changes take effect from 2300 on 31 st December 2020, before this time you can still enter the EU using your pet passport.
  • As issuing the AHC is a more complicated and time consuming procedure the costs to clients wishing to obtain one will be higher than that of obtaining a pet passport. Please ring the practice if you would like to find out the costs.
  • Remember that every trip will require a new AHC and you need to give us adequate time to make you an appointment within 10 days of your entry to the EU.
  • We can start issuing AHC from 22nd December 2020.


The information in this update is not exhaustive and we are happy to discuss your individual pet’s needs, just call us at the practice on 01452 529480.