Revolutionary New Flea Treatment

There have been some new flea products recently (last couple of years) and this spring even more are available. I think we all have our favourites and generally, the prescription strength products all work well. What determines what you use will often depend on ease of use,
familiarity (and price). We like the look of the following:

Bravecto is a new dog-only (although a cat version will be available next year) flea and
tick TABLET that lasts for 3 months!! It is priced at roughly the same as 3 months worth of flea treatment and the data shows it to be highly effective. There are certain guarantees on efficacy because the company is so sure that this will be a world-beater. Apparently, within a couple of years it will also contain a wormer. We will have the drug available
by the middle of April.

If you are interested let us know and we may be able to run a client information evening.