Rabbit Awareness Week 17th-25th June


Next week is this year's Rabbit Awareness Week (17-25th June).

In honour of this event, we are inviting you to a free appointment with one of qualified Veterinary Nurses.

During the appointment will be checking their teeth,nails and general health whilst discussing aspects of rabbit ownership including husbandry and nutrition. We will also be giving you an example of a cheap and easy to make rabbit toy perfect to use for enrichment and as a 'boredom breaker' which encourages chewing and the eating of hay as well well as being fun!

The theme for this year's RAW is #HopToHay with the aim of raising awareness of a rabbit's need to eat 85-90% of their diet in the form of hay and grass; with only 10-15% of their diet coming from commercial diets and treats such as vegetables.

If you would like to bring your bunny along to this event, please contact your nearest branch and book an appointment with either Julie, Rose or Samantha Borland.

We look forward to seeing you soon!