NEW Puppy Parties

Calling all puppy owners!

We have given our puppy parties a re-vamp and they are now bigger and better than ever before!

Previously, our puppy parties were a one-off event but this meant cramming a lot of information into one evening. It also meant that shyer puppies were going home just as they started to find their confidence... not anymore!

We are now holding puppy parties over two consecutive weeks so that puppies can have more time to make friends and we have more time to discuss the basics of dog-ownership. They will be help in the evening, starting at 7.45pm and last approximately one hour.

Week 1 will focus more on the veterinary side- discussing vaccinations, parasite control, neutering etc whilst Week 2 will focus more on behaviour and development and will cover key topics such as socialisation and habituation.

Both weeks will include vital play-times for the puppies (which is as much fun for owners and staff to watch as it for the puppies themselves!). Some puppies may not have had much puppy-puppy playtime since leaving their litter-mates but this is a crucial part of social development and learning how to act around other dogs in a positive and friendly way.

If you have a puppy who is under 16 weeks and you would like to attend, please contact the surgery on 01452 529480 and speak to Vicky, Mandy or Sophie; or email