Leptospirosis Vaccine Upgrade

Leptospirosis (also known as Weil’s disease) is a potentially fatal bacterial disease which can cause liver and kidney failure in dogs and can be fatal if not treated promptly. It is a zoonotic disease meaning it can also affect humans; particularly children or those with an impaired immune system. It is transmitted by contact with the urine of infected animals, including dogs, rats and voles; either directly, or indirectly from a contaminated environment.

Until recently there have only been 2 significant strains of this disease seen in dogs in the UK and traditional vaccines (known as L2) offered protection against these 2 strains. However, new strains of this disease are emerging across Europe and one has now been seen in dogs in the UK. Due to confirmed cases of this new strain in the Bristol and Swindon areas which have resulted in the deaths of vaccinated animals, as well as suspected cases in other neighbouring counties, we have upgraded to a new Leptospirosis vaccine (known as L4) so that we can offer protection against this new emerging strain of the disease. 

With immediate effect all new puppies and adult dogs (including those in our VIP Health Club) that are due their vaccinations will routinely be given the L4 vaccination in place of the L2 vaccination. All dogs upgrading to the L4 vaccination will initially require a second injection 4 weeks after the annual booster at no extra cost. 

Our vets will discuss the benefits of the Lepto 4 vaccine at your next vaccination and health check appointment. If your booster is not due but you would like to discuss your particular circumstances and whether to have the Lepto 4 vaccination early, please telephone us to speak with one of our vets or to book an appointment. 

Exisiting vaccinations for parvovirus, canine infectious hepatitis, disptemper and canine infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) continue to offer the best protection under current vaccination protocols.