'BREXIT' and PETS Passports

Brexit, deal or no-deal, may alter the ability to travel to other European countries using a currently valid Pets Passport. At the moment I do NOT have accurate information as to what is happening but suffice to say it remains your responsibility that you have the necessary and correct documentation to allow your pet to travel with you both on the outward and inward journey.

There is the real possibility that a UK Pets Passport will not be recognised by other European countries after the end of March. As far as I can tell this affects the outward leg of the journey. If this is correct, it is possible that we will have to revert to the older arrangements whereby a blood test is required to show a rabies blood test result above the required level. If the pet has had a rabies vaccination recently (last few months?) it is possible that the blood test result will be above the minimum level. To avoid doubt however, it is recommended that an extra rabies vaccination is given, a blood test taken a minimum of 30 days after and if the test result is adequate, travel can commence 3 calendar months later. It is likely that specific export-style DEFRA forms will be required also and for this to be completed a few days before travel. These will need to be signed by an Official Veterinary Surgeon and not everyone in the Practice has this capacity. 

Again, as far as I can tell, the Pets Passport will be sufficient for re-entry into the UK together with tapeworm treatment provided and signed for by the Official Veterinary Surgeon abroad. 

One final possible hurdle. We don't know if the authorities in the visiting country in Europe will accept a blood test performed in a UK lab once the UK leaves the EU. It is possible that any blood test for the rabies titre will have to be performed in an EU laboratory abroad adding to the potential delay and cost. 

The gist of all of this is that if you are planning European travel next March, April, May and June (and beyond) you may have to have extra vaccinations and blood tests 3-4 months in advance of travel and new paperwork as well as an up-to-date Pets Passport. Until the information is clearer and official it may be wise to be flexible about travel next spring.