Nurses clinics

Free nurse appointments are available for stitch removals, post op checks, dental checks and more.

As well as these generic areas, each of our nurses have their own areas of interest and appointments are booked accordingly so you know the person you see has the best possible knowledge in that given area.

Our longest standing nurse clinics is for obese pets in need of loosing weight. This is run by most of our nurses, who weigh your pets and gets you started on a diet plan which suits you and your pet. Your pets come back regularly for check ups to make they are loosing the weight at the correct rate.

We also run adolescent clinics for pets 6-9 months of age to discuss changes likely to be seen as they go into adulthood and also to discuss neutering, parasite treatments, nutrition and many other factors. These are run by Amanda Wixey and Samantha Critchley.

For the bunnies of Gloucester, Lauren McMahon and Julie Fox hold appointments discussing the specific needs of rabbits including nutrition, husbandry and neutering.

We also have an "After Eights' Club" for geriatric pets to discuss changes and problems commonly seen in older pets (dogs over 8 and cats over 10). The list is endless but will include discussions on dental disease, arthritis, senility, and decline in organ function to name a few. Appointments are with Samantha Borland,  Julie Fox. Amanda Wixey and Samantha Critchley.

We also have a range of chargable services available with our nurses:

All of nurses are available for a range of appointments such as to clip your pets' nails, change dressings/bandages etc.

We also have behavioural consultations are available for dogs, cats and rabbits with our resident behaviourist, Julie Fox. In the majority of cases, she will need to see your pet in their own home to fully assess what is going on- this is done via her own business; Problem Pets.